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Frequently sked Questions

Q. I see highqualitycomics.com on the pictures of the comics. Are they on the comics?

A. No. It is there because many people have used our pictures for their ads on eBay without our permission. They are even linking them from this site. Since they refuse to stop we figure this is free advertising! :o) Also note that pictures are provided for representation only. The picture might be of another grade or quality.

Q. Do you have a return policy?

A. Yes. We guarantee Absolute Satisfaction on All Orders. You can return an item within 7 days for a full refund on your purchase price.

Q. How can an item be listed but yet be unavailable?

A. All items are subject to previous sale. We sell via phone sales, ebay, mail order and this web site. If you have had these items in your shopping cart they may have been sold or even removed from the database before you ordered. Most items are one of a kind. We will e-mail you before completing your order if we have sold out of any items to allow you to make substitutions if needed. We have more than 250,000 items on hand but there is always the possibility the item you want has been sold. We make an honest effort to keep the database updated but things often do sell before they are removed here. It is an impossibility to sell used items through so many outlets and update in realtime. If you place a big order or order often you will run into this at some point.

Q. How do I use the Shopping Cart and why must I register?

A. You click the Shopping Cart button at the end of the row of the item you want. The Item is placed in your cart where it resides until you checkout. The items will also remain in a cookie on your computer for up to 30 days. When you click the checkout link you enter our secure server (SSL 128 Bit). You then log in and complete the order. You must register with us to ensure proper operation of the cart sessions and for security reasons. You are only entering enough information to complete the order. The next time you order from us you will only have to enter your credit card info again (as we do not store this info) after logging in to continue. Your Information is secure and for our use in processing your orders only.

Q. Will my e-mail address be used to spam me?

A. NO! We will possibly implement a feature in the future where you can opt in to receive information about specials and sales in the categories of your choice but you will not receive anything from us with out requesting it other than inquiries or information regarding your current order. It will never be sold or given away to anyone else.

Q. I have had problems completing my order, Why?

A. This could be for many reasons. Make sure you have Cookies and Java Script enabled. Most often the best way to do this is to place us in your trusted site category in your browsers options under security. Also if you get to the checkout page and do not complete the order for a while your session will time out and you will have to try again.